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Brett “Superfly” Hayes here. To open the show, Huge discussed the fantastic news from the MLB that baseball WILL be back for a 60 game season following the back and forth between the owners and players. Huge asked the audience throughout the entire show how they feel about the season coming back…At the end of the show yesterday, we learned that the FBI had concluded that the noose in Bubba Wallace’s garage was not a hate crime. Despite the fact that this was their conclusion, there was still a noose in the garage regardless. We got Huge’s thoughts on the incident, what negative’s and positive’s came of it, and much more. We were joined by Jeff Striegle from the Michigan Racing Network, who was actually in Talladega when the event occurred. Jeff and Huge had an in depth conversation regarding what happened and what we can do to avoid things like this happening again. Check out Huge and Jeff Striegle’s thoughts here!

In our second hour, we were joined by Mark Uyl, the Executive Director of the MHSAA who is also a College Baseball Umpire to get his thoughts on the comeback of baseball…Huge and Mark discussed the timeline of all of this that eventually led to this new 60 game season that’s been set in place. We got Mark’s thoughts on why he’s excited for baseball to be back! Huge and Mark also discussed the state of High School sports as the recent Covid numbers have spiked somewhat. Mark told us how this has affected him and his staff in regards to getting kids back out to play sports.

In our final hour today, we were joined by Dr. K from Metro Health to discuss the recent rise in Covid-19 numbers. He and Huge discussed how there shouldn’t be too much cause for concern, mainly due to the rise in testing being much higher than previous days. Bill and Dr. K broke down the numbers throughout our final hour to give the audience a feel of what’s happening at the root of the situation, if you need to be worried, and much more.

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