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Let’s all look back and remember that spring of our senior year in high school. Those memories live in our hearts and heads forever. Prom, the final game, last class, a handshake or hug with that special teacher, the final walk out of the school building, graduation, the parties, and then the next chapter in your life – the real world.

High school shaped us more than we ever could have known. The friendships, teachers, coaches, teammates, band, choir, or any school activity brought us so much confidence. It was awesome to be a part of any group or team. It all helped us grow as people. Things we never thought were important during our senior year in high school, we can see now pushed us to live a better life. Most of us loved high school, especially that final month.


Now seniors are navigating a historic time in America. As I look at what the virus has done to every senior in Michigan and it’s a lesson that will be part of their life GPS guide. The sudden end to their senior year will be a bond they will share forever with each other. It won’t weigh as heavy on their hearts as the years pass. It will remain something only those high school seniors share together as long as they live. Only they know the current emotion of what they are missing this final semester at school.

What these seniors will be able to do in the future is look at their class ring and remember their sacrifices helped others. Even when it wasn’t their choice, they helped. I respect how this group of seniors understood what was necessary – no matter how much it hurt. That’s bigger than anything most of us ever did our senior year in high school.


By necessity all young men and women in Michigan were denied so many senior year opportunities. It still has to hurt. I want those seniors to know their lives can and will be so much more than just what they missed this spring. You are not alone. Look at how many seniors in Michigan high schools made the same sacrifices for the safety of others. Two months ago America was under attack by Covid-19. Today, our country is winning the war on that infectious disease. We all are doing this together.

The virus has made all of us appreciate the little things in life, and we are able to see the bigger picture of what really is important to us and our neighbors and that nothing truly special in life is achieved without sacrifice.

After you finish reading this please reach out to a high school senior you know and let them you’re proud of of what they did in high school.

Send Huge love to Michigan’s senior high school class of 2020.


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