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HUGE Opinion – Michigan Sign Stealing Investigation


The NCAA’s personal vendetta against Harbaugh has reached the comical stage.  To throw the H-man and Michigan Football under the public media bus on allegations of spying on opposing football teams before an investigation of facts had concluded is total horse manure.  Why not publicly list the two schools that alleged the stealing of their signs by Michigan Football?  Why wasn’t one fact provided to back the allegations that now warrant an investigation?

I know why.  The NCAA is the same organization that looks the other way on millions of dollars in pay-to-play cash given to players at hundreds of schools disguised as “NIL” money.  Opposing B10 coaches and schools can do nothing but go as low as they can publicly to try and slow down Harbaugh’s Maize and Blue football championship freight train.  MSU’s interim President even threw out the possibility of not playing this past weekend’s game out of fear for the safety of Spartan Football players.  Yes, she really said that.

If these overrated and weak programs in the Big Ten think Michigan Football is their main problem, just wait until Washington, Oregon, USC, and UCLA make the conference even stronger starting next year.  BS stories like this will only make Harbaugh and Michigan Football stronger together as they realize it truly is them against the Big Ten and the NCAA.