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They will always be the same old Lions.

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all as a life long fan that 4th quarter collapse against the Bears on Sunday moved to the top of my Lions gut punch list.

What sucks as a Lions fan is that it’s never just one play or the fault of one person. It’s about a collective effort of poor performance and coaching.

This is our life as Lions fans.

Sunday was just another reminder that the Lions do things no other team does. Stafford will take a sack and force an interception when there was no reason to do those things late in the game. He gets paid way too much money to hurt his team when it matters the most. What I do love about Stafford is he can quickly find a way to bounce back and we watch number 9 throw darts on the final drive and the game winning throw couldn’t stick to the hands of Swift. That is so same old Lions. Stafford’s lack of four quarters of consistency  has always been a part of his game in Detroit. I still like his heart and toughness. Prater misses the field goal. In hindsight, field position was more important at that time. Watching Matt Patricia coach defense like he has a 50 point lead and the game is over is as frustrating as anything I’ve experienced as a Lions fan. Single coverage on a Bears wideout when your lead is 3 that late in a game? That’s why in 33 games as the Lions head coach Matt Patricia has lost 11 fourth quarter leads. 1 in every 3 games they’ve tore our hearts out since Patricia took over. Ridiculous. He can’t adjust to the flow and urgency in a game. You either have that coaching skill or you don’t. Patricia is lost late in games. It has hurt his team 11 times in the  33 games he’s been head coach. Beyond words my fellow Lions fans.

This is what the Lions do to us and we always come back for more.

It doesn’t matter who the coach, QB, or star players are. The Lions find a way to be the same old Lions more than they create pure football joy in our hearts.

I don’t blame the ownership or the front office for this latest crushing of our football souls except for one thing- they should’ve fired Patricia last year. There was nothing on his football resume with the Lions to warrant bringing him back. I like most everything Lions GM Bob Quinn has done. He’s provided Patricia a ton of talent. A glaring issue is Patricia running off talented team leaders since he’s been there. This isn’t New England, it’s Detroit. You can’t run off guys who can help you win. It’s been obvious from his coaching debut debacle against the Jets that Matt Patricia was in over his head as an NFL head coach.

My huge opinion is Quinn was foolish to keep Patricia on for another year, getting rid of Slay and Diggs were big mistakes, and drafting a cornerback with the third pick this year when you needed a speed rusher are all moves that will define whether Quinn and Patricia are employed by the Lions in 2021.

That fourth quarter was brutal to watch on Sunday. We all knew how it would end. Things like this don’t happen anywhere else in the NFL.

New year, same old Lions.


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