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It’s hard to believe we’re less than three months into this new normal of living with Covid-19. It feels more like three years.

Pandemic perspective has opened my eyes, ears, and heart. The loss of sports is really at the bottom of my priority list right now. The games people play will come back. What I fear most is the total destruction of America. I get that people need sports as an escape but the real issues we currently face are bigger than any game.

We can wait on sports.

We need to fix America first. It’s not pushing the panic or fear button. No political hype here. The real world I live in right now scares the hell out of me. Our country can’t get along or agree on anything in this presidential election year. It’s tough to believe anything you read, see, or hear. Fact-checking seems to fit what way one leans politically. We can’t believe any numbers, polls, or projections connected to the virus. Before we go on debating billionaires and millionaires returning to baseball stadiums, let’s first help save every life and small business we can in America. It’s almost shameful to wonder if the 100,000 lives lost during this pandemic is the real number, or if the staggering loss of life is being used as political spin in an election year. We just don’t know. These are crazy times in our country.

Meanwhile, we wonder if the NHL and NBA post season tournaments will soon take place. It feels out of place at times to be discussing sports. Some seem to be more concerned about sports than the real future of the Michigan and American economy. Is that really the right thing to do? Are some of us living in denial? Are you worried about your favorite team while not knowing if your job or business is safe? That doesn’t seem normal.

The toughest part of living through this pandemic is that we just don’t know what the future holds.


Do we really have our priorities in order right now?

Most seem to be so concerned about crowds at NFL football games this fall, but then watch in shock as people crowded the streets in Minneapolis to riot after the senseless death of a black man as four police officers watched him die. Privately and publicly I’m a huge supporter of law enforcement, but the viral video death of George Floyd makes me ill. I still maintain there are so many more good police officers than bad ones. It’s up to the police fraternity to police their own forces and get rid of the bad cops. These real stories in America are life lessons in what really is important right now in our country.

Sports can wait.

I do get excited about college football possibly returning within three months, but then wonder how many months it will take to rebuild homes and lives in the Midland area after those devastating floods. This pandemic has given me a new perspective on priorities.

With the stay-at-home downtime I recently watched the Netflix series Flint Town. I still can’t believe what local, state, and federal politicians did to those people in Flint. How can we be concerned right now about the return of high school sports in the Flint area and across our state if we don’t  know the people there are truly protected from Covid-19 and if some are still drinking bad water?  If we can make the effort to restart the sports infrastructure in Michigan on all levels then let’s rebuild and protect our state’s inner cities. Let’s give those families a chance at living safe, normal lives.

I do understand why we need sports in our lives. I talk about the games people play for a living on a daily basis on the Huge Radio Network. I’m just shocked at what I’m seeing right now in America.

Sports and life may never be the same again. This new normal should concern every person who reads this.


I find nothing normal about our lives right now. This pandemic has shown us what’s really important in our lives. At the top of that list would be our families. The virus hasn’t changed how much I love my children, mother, brother, sister, nephews, niece, or my friends. What it has done is change how I look at the present and the future.

In our hearts and minds the biggest concern isn’t when all sports return. It’s wondering about the safety of the those medically vulnerable to the virus, our families/friends health, our jobs, the education of our children, and the financial devastation to small and big business in Michigan and America. Those are my worry points.

All this has happened in less than three months.

This is surreal and frightening as a father of five children. Let’s all do what we can to help all in need and bring our state and country together. We need each other more than ever before.

Waiting a little longer on the return of all sports is cool with me.

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