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Dear MHSAA Community,
Earlier today, MDHHS released an updated emergency order that goes into effect on Monday, Feb. 8, which will allow full practices in winter contact sports to begin with competition to

Here is the updated listing of the winter contact sports tournament dates with new “first contest” dates. Remember that regular-season contests can be scheduled in all winter sports up until the date of the MHSAA Finals in each sport as long as schools stay within the weekly limits (e.g., maximum of three basketball games in a week).

Girls Basketball
First contest: Feb. 8
Districts: March 22, 24, 26
Regionals: March 29, 31
Quarterfinals: April 5
Semifinals: April 7
Finals: April 9

Boys Basketball
First contest: Feb. 8
Districts: March 23, 25, 27
Regionals: March 30, April 1
Quarterfinals: April 6
Semifinals: April 8
Finals: April 10

Competitive Cheer
First contest: Feb. 12
Districts: March 17-20
Regionals: March 23-24
Finals: March 26-27

Ice Hockey
First contest: Feb. 8
Regionals: March 15-20
Quarterfinals: March 23-24
Semifinals: March 25-26
Finals: March 27

First contest: Feb. 12
Districts: Team- Mar. 17-18; Individual- Mar. 20
Regionals: Team- Mar. 24; Individual- Mar. 27
Team Finals: March 30
Individual Finals: April 2-3

Note that the first allowed contest date for basketball and ice hockey is next Monday, Feb. 8. While we understand that many basketball schools are still finalizing teams after a few days of contact practice have been completed, the MHSAA wanted to give schools as much scheduling flexibility and local control as possible in terms of setting ice time and finalizing gym schedules for practices and games next week.

As a scheduling reminder, the season limits of competition remain unchanged for all winter sports, and the weekly limits of competition also remain unchanged in all sports except for these two modifications for 2020-21 in ice hockey and wrestling. In ice hockey, teams may play two games on one non-school day a maximum of two times during the season. When the two games/one day option is used, ice hockey teams could play four games (on three dates) in those two weeks. For high school wrestling, teams and individuals are allowed two days of competition in a week. Remember that all regular-season wrestling competition is limited to four teams at a site (three matches per student per day of competition). For middle school wrestling, one day of competition in a week is allowed. Again, all regular-season wrestling competition is limited to four teams at a site (three matches per student per day of competition). Schools and/or leagues may elect to play fewer games or use fewer days of competition.

Mask Requirements and Testing Options:
Basketball & Ice Hockey: Schools, teams and individuals must wear a mask at all times, including during active participation (while “in the game”) during all practices and competition. For schools, teams and individuals that are “masked” at all times during practices and games, there is no COVID rapid testing requirement for practice and play. We are waiting on further guidance and details from MDHHS relative to testing requirements should teams/individuals in these two sports wish to use the testing option.

Wrestling: To be eligible to compete, all wrestlers must complete a negative rapid antigen test on the day of all meets with no exceptions. All individuals would also be subject to contact tracing and close contact requirements when positive cases or tests exist. Those tested wrestlers would be able to compete without wearing a mask during the match but masks would be required of all individuals at all other times during meets and practices. This is required for wrestling as published in the MDHHS FAQ document.

Competitive Cheer: Masks are required for all participants when not in active participation on the mat. While in active participation on the mat, athletes may wear face masks but are not required to do so given this sport is always conducted with the same teammates, and opponents are never in physical contact or within physical proximity of each other. Face masks are required during practices; however, the mask may be removed while stunting and tumbling.

Testing Information: MDHHS will make rapid tests available at no charge to all wrestling schools along with other schools and sports that wish to test participants. Schools will need toorder tests from the MDHHS and those will be shipped to the local ISD facility for pickup. All participants would also be subject to all contact tracing and close contact requirements when positive cases or tests exist. Many more details on testing information (ordering, shipping, conducting, reporting, requirements, etc.) will be available from the MDHHS very soon. These same requirements would be in place for those junior high/middle schools that wish to play these four winter contact sports. The last set of dates to be finalized will be the first practice dates for spring sports. School athletic directors will be surveyed next week for feedback on finalizing the first practice date in March. At the present time there are no changes to out-of-season fall and spring sport workouts with masks and physical distancing being required. More information and details will be shared with schools as we learn them relative to the restart of winter contact sports over the next few days.

Thank you.


Courtesy of Mark Uyl and his team at the MHSAA