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It almost feels like Christmas that the NFL Draft starts on Thursday night.

To have a live sporting event in the middle of a pandemic is truly a gift from the sports Gods.

Now, for the Detroit Lions fans: We all have been down this familiar road where after a bad season we get a high draft pick, and we have been down it too many times to mention.

Most of you are convinced this is the draft that will make the Lions winners. I’ve heard that the last 40 years of my life. It usually doesn’t work out that way. Why? A bad front office and bad coaching most years is the real, easy answer. That’s part of it. Some Lions fans are convinced it’s a curse or just bad luck. I don’t buy that.

Others scream about ownership. I used to think that was the root of the Lions’ woes. I actually like what Martha Ford did in bringing Bob Quinn. He was a proven winner. That phrase hasn’t been used with most who have worked for the Lions in the front office or on the field.


My only concern with Quinn is that he has hitched his future to the Matt Patricia football wagon. It’s been obvious from his first game with the Lions in 2018 that Patricia was in over his skis as a head coach in the NFL. Outside of hiring Darrell Bevell to run the offense last year, Patricia has done nothing else to show he can get the Lions back to the playoffs.

Quinn said 9-7 wasn’t good enough after firing Jim Caldwell. If Patricia posts a 9-7 record this year he will get a 10-year extension. He has been – that bad – as the head coach. A 9-7 season this year  isn’t going to happen. A 6-10 feels like the right numbers. The Lions are going nowhere with Patricia as their head coach. His style hasn’t meshed with players on the defensive side of the ball on or off the field. He runs off any player that demands better coaching.

With that said, here we are once again thinking this is finally the year for the Lions. They’re picking third in the draft, they have so many options and they’re so close to having a roster ready to win.


Hope can only take you so far in the NFL when Patricia is your head coach. He will be gone after this season without at least going 8-8 or 9-7 and getting in the playoffs. Quinn will not survive if the Lions underachieve again with Patricia.

Some fans think this week’s draft is the turning point for the Lions. Man, have I heard that before. Getting excited about picking high in the draft again is part of the problem. Fans that accept losing seasons in exchange for draft day joy are just setting themselves up for the same old Lions to stomp on their hearts this fall.

Enjoy the NFL Draft. I know I will.


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