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It’s time to begin that journey for the return of sports. The Covid-19 medical data showing numbers declining are factual signals indicating it is time to start that process.

In doing this you are not being insensitive to those who have lost their lives to the virus. We all feel for every family and friend circle touched by the loss of a loved one. We all wish we could change that. The reality is our country is at a juncture: If we all don’t start trying to open things back up the financial, emotional and mental devastation that would hit our country may last for decades.

We have over 330 million people in America. We shut down this country because we wanted to limit as much loss of life as possible and not overrun our nation’s hospital systems. We aren’t still staying in our homes or closing our businesses because people are getting sick. There were few health systems buried by this pandemic. New York City and Detroit both had a month of intense medical need. Medical data shows the rest of the country was prepared but not hammered by the virus. I get why we we initially reacted the way we did.

It’s now time for business and sports to start that journey back.


Before sports, the economy needs to open up first. Some small businesses may never open again. The economic impact on our country right now is staggering. Medical data and common sense can help those businesses immediately get back on their feet.

We have learned so much about the virus the last three months. We know those age 60-and-up are the most vulnerable. We know those under 30 are barely touched by the virus. Hot spots of breakouts and vulnerable age groups need our help now and in the future, but there is no need to keep entire states shut down and all sports in limbo.

Once the economy engine has started the sports machine will get the green light to go. The low percentage impact of Covid-19 on children and young adults should be enough to open colleges to students this fall and youth sports this summer. Students should be back on college and high school campuses and that will mean the return of sports on all levels. Kid’s sports away from school should begin play before school starts. If the true medical data shows it’s safe, then let the kids at hardly no risk play.

I get crowds coming back to sports will be a delicate issue. I support some realistic forms of continued social distancing. Unfortunately, those adults sick or medically vulnerable to the virus may not be able to coach, officiate, or even attend games until their conditions improve or medical professionals clear them.


In order, these are the important issues medical professionals tell me that have to happen before sports return:

1) Dramatic drop in daily virus death rate continues over the next month.

2) Hospital systems remain not buried with virus patients.

3) No second wave of the virus in the next 30 days.

If the next month continues to show fewer deaths and hospitalizations because of the virus we should be able to take major steps in Michigan to open the economy back up and let the kids get back outside playing the games they love to play.


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